Jim & Sheri – Happy 50th Anniversary



Allan and Roberta Nyman


Ann Maria Escobar


Anita Sever


Arnie Prives


Barbara and Shelly Weisberg


Betty Hermelee


Beverly Ross


Bill Chunowitz


Bob and Gail Scandron


Bob and Sandra Borns


Bruce and Beth Hermelee


Bruce Cheson


Carol Luber


Carol Reese


Chris Knauf


Dale and Steve Weiss


David Woznica


Dennis and Joanne Hurwitz


Diane and Hal Gershowitz


Doug and Lynn Freeman


Ellen Korn


Eric Hermelee


Fay and Larry Katlin


Gary and Mary Borofsky


Gary Brockman


Harold and Mimi Paley




Iris and Tom Smotrich


Jack and Harriet Friedland


Jeff and Susan Feder


Jenny Fedorov


Jerry and Adrianne Cohen


Joan Sade


Judy and Earl Brown


Judy and Marty Cohn


Larry and Annette Novack


Linda and Jay Cooper


Lynn and Joe Crutchley


Michael and Judy Garnet


Muriel and Dick Yarger


Pat and Joanie Kerns


Paul Greenberg


Phil and lee Hickson


Phyllis and Sandy Hellman


Phyllis Flipper-Leibert


Ray and Gruna Welles


Rene and Fred Mayer


Richard Nalick


Rick and Lynne Beller


Roger and Felice Freeman


Roger Duhl




Sandi Giffis


Sandy Fulcher


Sera and Gary Brill


Shel Katzer


Steve and Alana Polacheck


Sue Rappaport and David Suss





Wynne and Peter Goode